Knowledge gained by repeated trials

Leveraging technology to make the world a simpler, smarter, more connected place in an honest and socially


TGP faciliated the capture and management of consumer information for Belvedere Vodka allowing for deeper and increased brand interaction across consumer touch points.


TGP helped shape and implemented Comcast's Versus network's interactive strategy to target their niche hunting and fishing market by focusing on online video and user generated content.

System Integration

TGP Associates integrated an online ad tracking system with, providing advanced market intelligence reports to's users.

Ecommerce Websites

TGP Associates was asked by 1-800-flowers to re-launch it's B2B ecommerce store. We developed technology and processes for automated management of an inventory of thousands of products and images.


Developed a prototype website to extend the value of their on air content by creating a web channel for episode extensions, behind the scenes coverage, interviews and original webisodes provided by the on air talent. Allowing them to further monetize their existing inventory and create a stronger online presence.

Dashboard and KPI's

Designed and managed implementation of Executive Dashboards and KPI reporting through Turner Broadcasting's launch of online video agame property "Game Tap".

Campaign Management Tool (CMT)

TGP designed and built global marketing tracking solution to support Turner CRM efforts. System tied marketing acquisition and relationship marketing efforts to lifetime value of customers, allowing the ROI by marketing channel to be measured. Mechanically, system tied marketing efforts to subscriptions by generating tracking codes, integrating into all marketing systems including main website, and passing marketing code information through to the data warehouse.


Built a custom voter and volunteer management solution to better understand voter behaviors and target messages as well as identify the best volunteers for specific tasks and events.


Built a national place locator for voters that determined the optimal location for polling. The service was picked up by major media outlets and web portals and we received millions of hits an hour. This was also our first lesson in leveraging the power of the cloud.


Created an email campaign that used original concert footage to activate audiences for the pre-purchase CD/DVD first day online sales numbers

Helped launched a new Marketing Analytics Service

Created unique marketing systems to automate how P1 delivered solutions to Event Marketers and created unique reporting applications to ensure more efficient measurement and optimization.

Business Intelligence Development

TGP accelerated the integration of RedWage's pre-paid card system into TxVia's transaction processing network. Additionally, TGP worked with RedWage and TxVia to roll out a best-in-class client reporting suite for the pre-paid industry.

SEO and UI Optimization

TGP designed and implemented SEO tactics for HTML revision, and content production while improving the look, feel and functionality of the user interface.

Turner Broadcast Consumer Data Warehouse

Produced business requirements for the implemenation of a enterprise scale data warehouse to support relationship marketing for Turner's launch of Game Tap.


Built a reporting application that allowed their clients to measure KPI’s for their prepaid cards as well create custom ad hoc reports without requiring additional development resources.


Built a reporting application that allowed their clients to measure KPI’s for their prepaid cards as well create custom ad hoc reports without requiring additional development resources.


Created an executive dashboard that tracked the usage and correlated the value of their marketing spend. This provided insight into how their scheduling, on air promos, and advertising dollars could be best leveraged to improve ratings and ad revenue.


Built custom private social networking platform to serve exclusive real world organizations members connect fulfill their organizations mission.

Implementation of Pre-Paid Card System

TGP continually managed the implemenation of RedWage's custom proprietary pre-paid card system, integrated and customized the profiles of any client that signs up with RedWage.

Nielsen Predictive Model

Using New Media Metrics patented Emotional Attachment Indices, TGP built models that accurately predicted fall Nielsen ratings for over three years.


Defined custom KPI’s and reporting to better acquire their target market for national private tasting event program.


Integrated the consumer website with the TxVia platform and created a personalized financial management dashboard

Mobile Media Solutions - Product Development

Drive Time Media (DTM) is a unique mobile media network of wireless touch-screen video monitors in the back of taxis and limousines in major U.S. markets.

Campaign Optimization

TGP optimized's paid search campaigns resulting in increased Return on Ad Spend, increased revenue, and lower expenditures on advertising.