Nuts & Bolts

Avoiding Launch Hubris

Early adopters are your most important supporters and advocates demonstrating greatest faith in you and generally receive the least mature product with the fewest features for the highest price. How you enter a market may well determine how (when) you exit it. Good products and good relationships are built methodically and over time. Treat each early adopter like they are he integral part of the foundation; which hey are. Better pricing, more access to support, better service, trade their trust and feedback now for your respect and benefits of the product now AND later.

Never believe your own hype. You’re likely never as good or as bad as people say you are and that’s true of what you think of your product. As smart as we know we are we are never as smart as the collective wisdom of our customers (of which there are some awful ones that cost far more than they’re worth; go ahead and fire them). Given how hard you’ve worked and how much blood, sweat and tears you’ve poured into the launch of your new product it’s easy to believe that you know more about it than others but that still doesn’t make your vision THE vision. Customers behave in unexpected ways check your ego and stay open and acutely attuned to what customers (especially the early adopters) are saying. They are the only proof of success. It’s an old adage that plans are obsolete the minute the battle starts. So pivot when you need to, need resist where you must, but always as the advocate of the customer not “your product” because if you want them to buy it, it’s really THEIR product want.