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IoT – Where’s the Consumer Value?

The IoT Nexus conference in San Francisco had a great many “things” to talk about and many excellent people and companies doing the talking.  However the emphasis on connecting things misses the real value of what is beginning to be accomplished.

Connecting the myriad devices and sensors is only useful if they are connecting people to solutions.  While the ability to connect all of these disparate devices is truly remarkable – as remarkable as wiring the first home with electricity – its about as useful as electricity with no light bulbs if we aren’t solving real problems for people.

The future of IoT is the designers who make it easy and intuitive to use the devices and the product manages finding innovative ways to meet consumer needs.

Elon Musk didn’t build a better battery to sell to people who had electric cars.  He built a damn race car which people could fall in love with enough to change 100 years of car buying behavior that just happens to require a better battery.

The connecting devices is the foundation.  Now its time for the architects to start building smart solutions for people on that foundation