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Social Media – When BIGGER isn’t Better

Building a social a network does not require you to build big to be big rather you need to launch small to be relevant and make it more likely you can be exceptional in order to grow exponentially.

New social media sites are like Grecian Urn in the MET. Beautiful, evocative of some connection to another time or person but ultimately empty and unusable. Too many social networks neglect that no bowl fills itself. There needs to be a very specific need for it to be filled and a motivated capable entity to do it. This utility may detract from the beauty of the design but if it improves the users experience in some way it just may be a business. What need does your social network fill? Who is that user and where are you reaching them? How are you actively filling the network so it has at least the minimum content and connections to make it useful to the early adopters? How are you rewarding heir trust and in enticing their support for fiery evangelizing?