Nuts & Bolts

The best tech advice I received wasn’t tech advice.

The best tech advice about developing products I ever received wasn’t about technology.  It was about why the technology matters…
“What is the difference between an idea and a product?  It’s customers.  Do you know the difference between a product and a great product? More customers.”
If you’re passionate about your idea it’s easy to see it as a great product, but it’s not a product if no one buys it.  When taking an idea from the design to market I take pains to remind myself to always start and finish my task looking at it from the customer’s perspective.  To help me focus the team on the most critical features for the MVP release I keep several customer acquisition questions in mind:

Where will I find my first customers?  Does my product work well enough in that environment?

What will it take to acquire them?  A certain feature, promise, incentive.  How can I manage the CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) down until the product is proven and ready for scale?

What are the first interactions with my product?  How can I optimize those features for the best User Experience?

How will I get to know my consumer?  Is google analytics enough?  Am I tracking and using my own “Pirate Metrics.